Good evening. My name is Anthony Lam and I want to welcome you to my modest and humble blog.

Saturday, after an hour of last minute bakery work and overtime, my wife, Kimmy and I launched our Toyota Yaris from our home’s snow packed gravel driveway into North Dakota’s frigid January air. From the house to the car, the icy wind battered our faces like a punching bag; But we were persistent to fight back. All the way to Fargo.

It was a birthday celebration for Kimmy’s brother Donny. His birthday had passed but the party was just getting started. We arrived from the 20 below weather to an apartment full of smoke and haze. I almost thought I’d find Jimi Hendrix and Tupac Shakur in the back. The lasagna got done just a little while after.

My quiet brother-in-law Josh had an exciting announcement to make. He had decided to date his childhood friend, Nikki. The awkwardness of the situation was obliterated by the atomic passing of gas by Ward, Becky’s fiance. Laughter and Ward’s painful explanations ensued.

My niece Miranda put Garfield the Movie on their television set. I couldn’t help but wonder if he would of enjoyed the smoky main dish. The lasagna was quite palatable despite the oven polluting the air to the point the front door and windows were opened. (Sigh, Who knew sweet Old Man Winter made such a great houseguest? Not me! Nope, definitely not..)

In an effort to promote her “No Noodle Left Behind Act”, Kimmy’s mom Sandy created a bib. The stray pasta that wouldn’t commit to the kamikaze ride into her mouth rolled down and found a home one with another on her most very colorful paper towel napkin.

And I guess that’s pretty much it. Thirty Five? That’s either Donny’s age or the number of gases expelled from Ward’s body on that cold January night.


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