It was a quiet morning around 4:30 a.m.

I had been sick for most the week but had to open up the bakery this particular Saturday.

This week had been a trying time indeed, but I was not prepared for the evil that lay ahead.

It was a sweet fragrance that permeated from the bakery and into the store as I took out the delicious donuts from the oven. I was preparing showcase rolls for the daily gas station orders when the raging hornet whipped past my ear sending a sudden shock throughout my body.

It was then I recalled several days ago, the bakery’s own, Gloria, being greeted with a swift painful sting that sent her to the benadryl aisle as her ear doubled in size turning a purpleish red color.

“My gosh, they’re trying to take us out one by one,” I exclaimed within my mind. I quickly thought up a plan.

Since I knew it wouldn’t be long before he found himself in the midst of the sweet soft icing near me, I found an old beat-up fly swatter and got it ready.

Just then, the evil insect landed on the edge of the maple frosting bucket. “Now!”, my mind raced as I swatted it to the bucket anticipating  that it would soon be consumed in a small portion of the sugary trap. Not so. I tried to hit him once more. He dodged. And soon, he was buzzing around the atmosphere of the bakery like King Kong.

Like a yellow and black Goliath, the giant was now prancing around, saying, “Send me a man!”

He darted toward me.

I swung. I missed. 

Splattered maple icing now rested upon the wall like abstract artwork I would like to title, “The Failure.”

Wings spread and prepared to strike again, he finally landed on a corner of a box. I swung one last time.

Slam! Crack! It was the sound of it’s exoskeleton snapping or, as I would soon find out, the fly swatter giving out. The violent thrust against the Hornet dissipated the weak now useless swatter.

Silence filled the air. I pulled the plastic weapon closer, noticing something. The Hornet that had whizzed by giving me goosebumps only two short minutes ago, was now lifeless and torn in two. 

It was over.

Vengeance was served, balance was restored, and the bakery was safe. For now…


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